Saturday, 29 March 2014

New Name For My Book

Just a quick 'heads up' about my book WISHFUL THINKING...... After an enormous 
wrangle with the publishers and a huge argument I have now took over the control 
of my book!!!!! I have changed the cover and title and I am now in control of 
the price AT LAST!!!!! Wishful Thinking is now titled 'THREE WISHES' and has a 
new and brighter cover! Oh, and is now priced correctly!!!! 
Three wishes is available NOW in kindle and paperback on Amazon. 
For anybody that's bought and read 'wishful thinking' I at first thank you and 
secondly ask that you are aware of the change. 
For anybody that wanted to but was put off(as I would have been) by the price I 
hope you will now look at THREE WISHES and especially the price. If you now 
choose to buy it I genuinely hope you enjoy it. 
Have fun, Phil.

Three Wishes - Official Book Trailer

Three wishes now available on Amazon in both paperback on kindle format. Have a watch of my book trailer, hope you enjoy.