Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Photography Facebook Page

If you enjoy my photography, well good news I've just created a Facebook Page which will be dedicated to my photos. I also have a Flickr site which shows more of my photography. This by the way is just a hobby of mine that I have enjoyed for many years now. The photographs are mainly taken in and around Skelmersdale where I live and stretch to Ormskirk, Parbold, Burscough, Chorley, Southport, Lathom, Liverpool ( where I was born ) and even Manchester. All of these places are situated in the North West region of England. I hope you find something of interest to you and enjoy looking as much as I enjoyed taking the photo's. Have fun. Phil

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Poetry Facebook Page

If you enjoy my poem of the month page, well good news I've just created a Facebook Page which will be dedicated to my poems and my poetry books. Instead of just putting on one a month I'll be putting several on a week on my new page. But for those of you who don't have Facebook don't worry I'll still be putting one a month on my blog. So click onto to the link and press like, and i hope you enjoy more of my poetry. And if not, enjoy the rest of my blog, have fun, Phil.

And don't forget you can buy my two poetry e-books, 'VIEW FROM MY MIND' and 'VIEW FROM MY MIND TWO', there available in both Kindle and Nook format.Just click onto the links or picture to find out were you can buy my from.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Floats made of flowers

Made from flowers in Holland , since 1936!
What began in 1936 as a flower parade has become the oldest and most celebrated ode to blooms in Europe ...
Ever since its inception, Zundert in the Netherlands has hosted an annual flower show Bloemencorso, with an average 50,000 visitors descending on the town to look at the brilliant displays.
Creators use dahlias for their breathtaking displays and build gravity defying sculptures.
A roaring good show: The intricate blooms have been manipulated to create this gravity-defying impressive model of a tiger and her cubs
Every float is made from dahlias. This twisting house, which is as high as other apartments, weaves its ways through the narrow streets
 Make it snappy! Thousands turn out to Bloemencorso, as hamlets compete with each other to create the most beautiful display - including this sinister-looking fishy creature 
Just by using dahlias, volunteers created this show-stopping piece, where a startled antelope flees the clutches of a leopard that gives chase
Udderly brilliant - thee competitors left no detail out - they even included the numbers on the tags on the ears, and what appears to be the inner workings of a milk-processing plant within the cow's body

Something fishy about this: Bloemencorso saw this elaborate fish display, which saw a shoal of fish whirl around each other - even using light-coloured dahlias to shade in the light bouncing off the eyeballsEach of the competing districts of Zundert - which was the home of Vincent Van Gogh - construct their own entry and compete in the parade, which occurs every first Sunday in September.
According to those behind Bloemencorso, the parade is all the work of dedicated volunteers, who do not profit from the colourful display.
A staggering six to eight million dahlia flowers are used to produce the floats.
Bloemencorso began in 1936, and since then has spiralled in popularity, as the small population makes huge efforts to outdo one another so they can create sculptures like his huge organ
Even the meerkats get a mention! The curious animals are brought to life, as creators perfected every inch of the models, even down to their nails and shading on their tails
Out of this world! Every float here is made from petals and, despite being made from such a delicate, tiny structure, take on gigantic proportions which people clamour to see
It's really taken off! Bloemencorso has grown in term of popularity and in the sheer size of the creations, with thousands flocking to the home of Vincent Van Gogh to gasp at the displaysHeld on the first Sunday of every September, the quaint town becomes packed with visitors and, on this occasion, a huge rhinoceros made of delicate flowers

Let's hope the wind doesn't blow too hard! The flowers have been meticulously placed to create the giraffes, even down to their eyelids and hair that lines their neck

Monday, 14 January 2013

It Wouldn't be on TV Today

This video is a thirty second clip of a 70's British children's television show. If the program was aired today it would only last about thirty seconds before it would be taken off air the whole production crew thrown in prison. How times have changed.