About Me

Philip was born in Seaforth, Liverpool in 1966 and has since lived in Dunedin, 
New Zealand, then Bootle Liverpool and Skelmersdale, Lancashire. Since childhood 
his interest in writing was always there and short stories and poetry where 
always dabbled with. The first novel 'Three Wishes' was written as a '1st' in a 
future series and the follow up is underway. After this he decided to write a 
Poetry collection and so did and called it 'View From My Mind' and much more 
Poetry is in the pipeline too. Along with this came an idea that was born from 
his Blog Page where a taxi tale was posted periodically. He and his friend and 
now co-author Glenn Pye (who created and manages his blog and web pages) decided 
to take the blogs taxi tales and create a book. So together they did and 'Taxi 
Tales' was completed. As both have been taxi drivers for many many years an 
awful lot more 'tales' are to be told so this book is also now an 'in the 
pipeline' series.