My Book's

Three Wishes

Three Wishes is about a man who is granted three wishes but is not aware that 
this has happened. As he blunders along through his life he, like you and I, 
innocently 'wishes' for different things. The difference is, 'his' wishes are 

View From My Mind

This is a collection of poetry by myself Philip Parry, reaching back through my youth to the present day. Each poem is it's own entity and all where written depending on my thoughts and feelings at the time. There is no 'pattern' or 'link' to any or all of the individual poems.

Taxi Tales

This book is a collection of 'real' events and happenings from either Phil or Glenn, whilst working as 'private hire' taxi drivers. All the 'tales' are described as they actually happened. The 'tales' range from funny, to utterly shocking and some absolutely unbelievable, but 'all' actually happened. Hats off from the authors to all the hard working fellow 'taxi drivers'!.

Taxi Tales Two

Taxi Tales TWO is the follow up from best selling Authors Philip Parry and Glenn Pye following the success of Taxi Tales. This book like the first tells the TRUTH about the general public. All the 'tales' actually happened to either Phil or Glenn but again no names are mentioned. The 'tales' range from funny to scary and all the way to absolutely unbelievable, but every detail is FACT! If you enjoyed the first you're bound to enjoy the second and be sure to look out for the third, fourth and fifth! If you recognise yourself in any of the tales it's your choice whether you actually admit it! Have fun!!