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'Three Wishes'

Amazon customer Ste wrote "I read this book and honest i could not put it down, each chapter left you wanting to know more, very good read with characters that you could relate to in day to day life, well worth a look."

Amazon Customer Zeiss Wrote 'This is well worth packing with the luggage for the poolside read this summer as it will have you laughing and crying to yourself and is a very entertaining read without being weary. Give it a go! I did :)'

Another Amazon customer Glenn wrote 'I have recently read the novel 'wishful thinking' by Philip Parry. I must say I absolutely could not put it down. Very down to earth, characters with language that is genuinely used. I recommend this to anyone and everyone. An 'EXELLENT READ'

WHSmiths Customer Mick P wrote, Captures to a tee life for the unemployed in the 90's. Builds the characters and the plot at a steady pace, then grabs you by the lapels and drags you through the relentless twists and turns of the finale.. An excellent first outing for this very witty and near the knuckle author, I look forward with anticipation to his next book.

A USA Amozon customer K.McKinnon Wrote, This book, the author's first, is a masterpiece in my opinion. The ending surprised me and the way he led up to it was genius.It's fantasy but appears to be commonplace, set in a working class neighborhood in England with ordinary people who finally live extraordinary lives. I would highly recommend it, especially to North American audiences who would experience a taste of "England swings like a pendulum do--" The language and descriptions are sometimes raw but demonstrate the personalities and culture of the characters very well. Not a long book, it's a good read. Waiting for the next Philip Parry novel.

Another USA Amazon customer, Blue Harmonie Wrote ""Wishful Thinking" truly pulls on the imaginations of us all even as adults we still make wishes. I am blown away by the concept of the book and look forward to more from the author and the workings of his mind. Take a peek for yourself at "Wishful Thinking" and throughout the journey of this character put yourself in his shoes and wonder what if."

UK Amazon Customer, Danny Walsh Wrote, A captivating read. Once started can't stop till the end. Page turner till the end. Can't wait for more from this authorClick onto the links to see customers reviews

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'View From My Mind Reviews'
Uk Amazon customer, D Morrison said "I must be honest I haven't read much poetry and was a little skeptical on the purchase of this book.However, I found it quite enjoyable. I liked the tone of the book and found it easy to relate to"


Taxi Tales
UK Amazon customer, SM wrote, Great collection of short stories that will appeal to taxi drivers and passengers alike. Makes you realise how strange real life can be. Well worth a read

UK Amazon Customer, Mark Wrote, I have recently purchased this book (taxi tales) and I must say what a read! some of the things that have happened to the two authors over the years is quite unreal!!I would highly recommend this book to anyone and will certainly look out for future books from the same authors

UK Amazon Customer, Michelle Griffith wrote, Really good, interesting read! Some of the tales are so funny and others have an element of suspense and horror that keep you on the edge of your seat reading non stop until you hear the conclusion. Cannot wait until they release Taxi Tales 2 x

UK Amazon Customer, NP wrote. an excellent book, most definitely worth a read, the stories are very funny and it is a very entertaining book.

UK Amazon Customer, Kay8bray wrote, Must Read! fascinating real life stories that open your eyes to the goings on in the world of taxi driving in a small town. Some funny some scary but all good short tales

UK Amazon Customer, Paul Davies wrote, A funny look at life behind the wheel. This is a must read ! Great tales from two taxi driver Authors Phil and Glenn - can't wait for the follow-up boys !

USA Amazon Customer Wrote , Glenn Pye's and Phillip Parry's easy writing style makes Taxi Tales a good read. I felt like I was riding along with them in their taxis sharing their entertaining adventures with them.

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