Saturday, 24 November 2012

View From My Mind 'Two'

Here's a small sample of my poetry for you to read. I have a book of poetry available called 'View From My Mind', and am now pleased to tell you that my second book of poetry is now also available, 'View From My Mind TWO'. Please click on the two titles to take you straight to my books on Amazon Kindle. Hope you enjoy, Phil.

Real App!

Just downloaded an ‘app’
To my Android phone
It’s brilliant, once you've got it
You’ll never be alone

It’s easy to use
You can connect to anyone, free
And the privacy is fantastic
A ‘one to one’ that the world can’t see

The graphics are unbelievable
No matter what phone you use
Just pick someone to connect with
It’s up to you, you choose

So come on. Download this ‘app’
And use it right away
It simply turns your phone off
So you can live a ‘real day’

My new book 'View from my mind 'two' is now available on Amazon Kindle price at only £0.77.