Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Who Put Him In Charge

A little video about one of my poems from my book 'View From My Mind' 

Who Put Him in Charge?

Is it a sin to wish you were rich?

Would it look bad in the eyes of the Lord?

Should you be happy to struggle to pay your bills?

Should you be happy with your battered old Ford?

It wouldn't be so bad if all men were equal

If we were all in the same boat

But we're not, so the poor do all the hard work

While the rich sit back and gloat

They come out of their big comfy homes

Drive their big cars, full of gadgets and clocks

They don't spare a thought for the man in the street

Who lives under a bridge, in a box

If we really are created by god

And he's all knowing and all powerful

Then I wish he'd get down from his pedestal

And stop dishing out so much bull!!!!!!!!!!

IF I WAS GOD,.... I'D BE FAIR........... TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!